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21 Ways to Spot a Hairdresser | Modern Salon

21 Ways to Spot a Hairdresser - Inspiration

Ok so you've had the exact same conversation 5 times today, you haven't gone to a friend's wedding purely as a guest in YEARS, and you can eat a rotisserie chicken (hunched over a garbage can) in 5 minutes flat (while your client is .

You Know You're a Hairdresser When...

The life of a hairdresser.it's not always as glamorous as others may perceive it to be. Often I hear, "Oh, it must be such a fun career!

Do great hair behind the chair, my clients are my walking advertisement.

My livelihood and the way I earn a living is hairstyling. I am very motivated and proud of how far I've come and hope to go even further.