Wild Snowy Owl in Irondequoit, NY (Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike)


Owl - Snowy in Flight - by Margaret K

White Owl Master Teacher ~ Messenger between Spirit and Substance ~ Sees deep into the Soul and therefore also into what is put in front of the Soul

Ok, I know it's another owl, but in my defense it's a different bird Snowy for this season).

I love owls

Snowy Owl in flight.What a gorgeous bird.


Owl, woooow the long wings



"Snowy Owl in Flight" by Alex Thomson13, via Flickr.

Inspiring picture art, beautiful, black and white, cold, cute.

Incoming! #barnowl #owl Instagram-Foto von @alex.perry.108 •

of owl I saw staring at me on a. Fence directly outside of a military base gate. I know it was a spiritual sign.

Have loved owls ever since I can remember. Dusted all of Mommom's owls every Sunday when most of the Family met for Sunday dinner. Sometimes it was packed...but youd find me half under the table wrapped around Mommoms leg or whispering in her ear.

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ignite light - Snowy Owl - Gothic Gargoyle Pose by Rick Dobson - Photo 60834174 /

Sneeuw Uil

Canadian Magic, a snow owl in flight. Such a cool pic, but I wonder if the owl has been photo-shopped?

Snowy Owl

Owls are inspiring animals. Their look and the beautiful coat , their heads and mysterious. White snowy owl reminds me of the pictures of the Harry Potter films. whole beautiful picture with the blur of snow behind

Northern Hawk Owl

Photo of an owl in flight “Northern Hawk Owl” ~ Photography by Axel Hildebrandt



White owl

Cotton, the albino Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio) - Is this thing for real?

MATIN LUMINEUX: Chouettes du Dimanche

White faced scops owl by eluthrea