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леса,луга и поля

Rolling hills. Normandy, France (I had a chance to go when I was in Paris, but the trip to Normandy and back to Paris was too long and I would have missed my performance. I still want to go.

Rolling Hills, Normandie, France - after a week in Paris so refreshing to visit Normandy where some people actually love Americans.

Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire, England


Sunrise and Red Clouds, How can anyone in their right mind say there is no God, when the beauty of His creation is in these places?

Green Fields

'Spring fields' by Boris Michalicek. I love the gorgeous yellow and green fields

5 Tips to Alter Your Reality

Purple Loosestrife, Troy Meadows, New Jersey. Who knew New Jersey actually had pretty things?


~~Snowshill Lavender ~ Cotswolds village in Gloucestershire, England, located near Broadway, Worcestershire. I went here today and let me tell you it is even more beautiful in real life 😍