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Alakazam by Sam Bosma - Pokemon Battle Royal


So, I mentioned I'd have a few posts to do to catch up with all of the backed-up images I've created over the last few weeks.

Link by Sam Bosma

Link, from the Zelda series (obviously). I’m excited to pick up Skyward Sword after I’m finished Skyrim in eight or nine years.

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Wallpapers and Artworks: A Life In Illustration: The Art of Sam Bosma Sam.

OFFICE OF THE FUTURE. Twenty years into these people's future, there will be no clothing at all when everyone lives under plastic domes.

Sci-fi B-movie shoot! Session 2 for photographers only! - ** NY Pin Up Club ** - Photos, Modeling, Burlesque, & more! (New York, NY) - Meetup

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Elf and his Mount =) Hello everyone, this was for the “elf” theme at Have a great week everybody!


Some kind of skull guy.


I am sworn 2 carry yr burdens, grl.


I did a swap with Vera . Bran and Hodor, from A Song of Ice and Fire. Some of my very favorite characters from that series.

Mizu - James Jean - Imgur

Mizu - James Jean

asylum-art: “Mixed Media Illustrations by James Jean Working with traditional and digital techniques, Taiwanese artist James Jean creates amazing (and sometimes nightmarish) scenes. More illustrations.

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PPP by Bibo X on via Behance ★★★ Find More inspiration ★★★

junk gallery | Sorry for the lack of update, i have a lot of work...

blackyjunkgallery: “Sorry for the lack of update, i have a lot of work right now. here’s some folks for PTSD.

sam bosma

sam bosma

Woodswoman, Sam Bosma

Woodswoman By Sam Bosma



APPROACHING THE WRECKED FORTRESS - Bloodborne & Darksouls inspirations, let’s push...

airfortress: “ Bloodborne & Darksouls inspirations, let’s push this further !