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Les sacs sont des objets très pratiques dans la vie quotidienne et permettent d'offrir un support de communication pour les marques. Afin de poursuivre notre rendez-vous sur les inspirations graphique qui sortent du web, nous vous proposons la

18 sacs au graphisme étonnant ! - Inspiration graphique #8

The graphics for this bag are really clear and a standard font for the bag. The handles are really interesting though because they have made the handles look like the shoe laces from the shoe graphics on the bag. What a clever idea!

So cute!

Birdy-Juice Concept - Norwegian based graphic designer Mats Ottdal, a. Jeksel, has created a cool new concept for juice packaging: The Birdy-Juice. Using the flaps from tetra-pack juice cartons to.

Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante

Packaging Inspiration

Olio Flaminio by Giovanna Gigante

Bolsa clip

60 ejemplos de packaging original: ¡lo que importa también está en el exterior!

I had some great ideas about designing shopping bags and couldn't resist making them.

Caixinhas de suco criativas!

Design by Yunyeen Yong for Jooze juice boxes geared towards young kids and toddlers.

Packaging Design - Thiết kế bao bì

This design is very simple but works well because of it. the drop creates line and draws the consumers eyes to the work milk at the bottom of the carton. The bright colors against the plain white carton also aid the design.

Ⓑ Gris 12 pencil package, designed by Kevin Angeloni, from Switzerland #Pencil #Design #Package

Gris 12 - student package design for a pencil set. Pencils are placed in test tubes and topped with a cork that labels the lead type (H, etc)

Maison Chatou – French Wine by Alice Bouchardon

55 créations autour du renard et du graphisme

Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Maison Chatou (Student Project) wine / vinho / vino mxm

The World's Most Eco-Friendly Calendar 친환경적인 아이폰 캘린더

The World's Most Eco-Friendly Calendar

15 embalagens que fizeram um produto qualquer virar algo magnífico

Created by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the juice box’s packaging is supposed to be more appealing to the eye by imitating the actual fruit they contain. The fold on the banana is.

15 embalagens que fizeram um produto qualquer virar algo magnífico