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This is Amazing!

“Its so great to see Ash greninja in this picture but too unfortunate to see this carrot hair misty on it .

“Ash & his friends (credit x credit)" by pikacool

Ash and Pikachu with all of their friends < um. mate where is Tracy? You forgot Tracey from Orange Islands

Ash's squad in every region.

Ash Ketchum and all of his friends ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this<<<When Brock left the whole Pokemon anime crashed down

It took a while since it's been already two weeks since that event. I haven't done 4koma in a long time. Anyway, the main girls congratulate Serena on her achievement,&nbsp...

I haven't done in a long&nbsp;the main girls congratulate Serena on her achievement,&nbsp.


:d black hair brown eyes green eyes hat kasumi (pokemon) looking at viewer mei (maysroom) multiple boys navel one eye closed open mouth orange hair pikachu pokemon pokemon (anime) pokemon (game) pokemon sm pokemon sm (anime) satoshi (pokemon) s