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You know that's right.

This is dead on. As soon as Dean said that I took out my phone an texted my friend "I love Dean." XD (Supernatural) I was team dean when he had sammy pinned to the ground and gave that impish little grin like got ya little bro haha :)

Supernatural fandom at it again

Supernatural fandom at it again

Has it really gotten to the point where people wait for us to show up. have a GIF for singing moose:

Oh, this would be perfect (well, and Dean becoming human again. But, you know, baby steps, guys. Baby steps).

I told you NO summoning Crowley after Midnight! *Sprays Dean with Holy Water* This is the greatest thing ever! I want this in season 10 xD


Winchester's in Impala's beat any guy on a horse anytime. Unless it was Dean Winchester on a horse. Remember that Western episode?

I really do.

I want a man who is funny like Dean, smart like Sam, and protective like Castiel

Hush Little Sammy

supernatural lullaby not tears i promise just fandom in my eye

Sam and Dean #SPNS8

Dean's and Sam's faces were in agony and they were in shock. Sam spoke first, "She's dead.

Misha and Mark, gag reel                                                       …

Misha and Mark LOL at Supernatural season 8 gag reel. Cas & Crowley Misha's tongue looks heart shaped<<< mines forked.is that bad considering I get called Satan a lot?

Oh my god I scrolled past then realized something was wrong and scrolled back and it took a while to realize that they looked wrong because they WEREN'T ACTUALLY MISHA.

Funny pictures about Awkward family picture. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward family picture. Also, Awkward family picture.