Glass side return - like the flat roof glass, nicely balanced structure with the slight overhang of the upper part of the wall on the right hand side, presumably there is a lighing rail under here to illuminate the wall / pictures on the wall - this is a nice feature (sunlight in the day, nice lighting in the dark). Like the brick texture at the end.

20+ Minimalist Living Room Ideas of Your Space

terraced house extension, Queens Park, London - porcelain tiles, minimalist design, old + new - LBMV architects

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I want a tree in my skylight livingroom. you see trees in houses and they always look like they are being strangled by it. This one looks like the house was built around it.

CUBE LED Outdoor wall lamp from LIGHT-POINT AS    Design: Ronni Gol

Stilfullt utendørs - LYSKULTUR Our simple German wall lights create a practical yet artistic lighting feature.//pinned by: //board: lighting design Source by moses.

Gallery of The Dairy House / Skene Catling de la Peña - 2

Gallery of The Dairy House / Skene Catling de la Peña - 2

natural wood floor baords and glass floor and skylight across Suelos de vidrio Inline lights or glass in floor/walls at gay street.

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Front Door Inspiration, glass panels and metal bars; design alternate would be to vary frosted panels w/ clear panels for privacy.

Wz2, Bernd Zimmermann, Reflective Mirror Home Design, Photography Valentin Wormbs

German Home Gets Modern Revamp With Reflective Paneled Funhouse Exterior

群峰の森 / COSMIC   UID


Gallery - Lightbox / Hsuyuan Kuo Architect & Associates - 23

Gallery of Lightbox / Hsuyuan Kuo Architect & Associates - 23

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The project involves adding a new office tower extension to an existing high rise office tower at 78 Shenton Way, being located on the edge of the Central

Design | #MichaelLouis -


Tea house in the garden. David Maštálka's of Architects collaboration with sculptor Vojtech Bilisic to build a tea house in Prague, Czech Republic.

Boxes become a fantastic hotel

HOTEL AIRE DE BÁRDENAS (Tudela, Spain), Built on one floor, the hotel is perfectly integrated with the landscape around it. It consists of a set of small cubes scattered field contributing to peace and quiet desert environment.