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Boxers Case Bees

This picture was taken after leaving Hugo outside for a few minutes unattended. He still chases bees. Note that after a dose of benadryl and a nap, he was fine.

"First day left home alone  and I ate the blinds, you needed new ones anyway. ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer is very ashamed.

"First day left home alone and I ate the blinds, you needed new ones anyway. ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer is very ashamed.

Dog in car window.   http://www.roflzoo.com/dog-in-car-window.html

20 Pictures of Dogs in the Wind

I love seeing dogs in cars. I smile everytime no matter what mood I'm in

I love it when they stick out their teeth, they think they are so tuff looking......no more photos

Caesar makes yucky faces when I break out the camera, almost in protest of getting his picture taken!

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this would be my dog. had a yellow Lab who did this exact same thing but hid the bread plastic bag I went around for 5 hours wondering what happened to the new loaf I bought thinking I done gone crazy lol.

Pet shaming. Some of these are absolutely hysterical!

Best funny quotes of the week, Top 30

Funny Dog Shaming - notice how you never see any cat shaming. This is clearly bc they're not as dumb as dogs.>>>>actually I have seen cat shaming

That is SO Miller and Molly

I have fallen in love with two of these silly dogs! They truly are the smartest most personable animals ever imaginable.

Pig Thinks He Is A Dog cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets pig funny animals heart warming

Humorous photos of two dogs and a pig living together like they are three dogs. This pig has some identity crisis.thought they were all dogs at first!

He Hates Remote Controls Almost As Much As He

I ate the remote control. That's what you get for watching hour after hour of "The Dog Whisperer". I'll give you something to "whisper" about.

#boxers #dogs so cute!

totally reminds me of my aunts dogs, champ and kaiser. Champ had the black face and kaiser had the white stripped forehead and nose!

We're sorry Jesus!

"I ate a Bible tonight." "I think I helped. Sorry, Jesus." My weims ate one of my Bibles I had scripture for one end of my back yard to the other and through my house. I guess they wanted to spread the good word.