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Purple tunnel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The jacaranda brings/brought many happy memories of wonderful times

I love to stare up at the jacaranda trees - I really don't mind the mess in my yard as the purple flowers carpet the ground in this beautiful soft colour.So Cal in June - this is it!


Japanese Pond Purple Light And Shadows. A bit dark and not going anywhere, but love purple.

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"and like the moon, she had a dark side of her so dark, that not even the stars couldn't shine on it, she had a side of her so cold, that even the sun couldn't burn on it" ~Abigail J.

A beautiful pathway lined with trees with purple bushes at their bases

"Jacaranda trees on east coast. Beautiful in Oct and Nov." Re-pinned on my Tree board but after reading the posts on the web page decided they needed to be on my Aus. board too. S.

"Jacaranda trees on east coast. Beautiful in Oct and Nov." [We have these in Southern California too. Beautiful to look at but they sure can leave a mess below them!

The Month of May: Five Favorites - Evolution of Style

The Month of May: Five Favorites - Evolution of Style

Retreating to Innocence:  Webster defines innocence as a state of simplicity, naturalness, harmlessness and freedom  from wrongdoing. You'll find this article on page four. http://www.thelotuscenter.org/newsletter/nl-Jun2010.pdf

Weinheim, Germany --- Wisteria sinensis in full bloom over long stone path --- Image by Jerry Harpur © Harpur Garden Library/Corbis

Cherry blossom tree for the backyard. Beautiful cherry blossoms Even though it's smaller than the other trees, the cherry blossoms' beauty is beyond everything

μωβ-δάσος διανυσματικό - ForWallpaper.com

Pictures of jacanda trees with purple flowers lining Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena. These trees bloom each late spring/early summer and create a beautiful landscape.

Festival de Flores De cereza en Japón

Top 10 Most Incredible Waterfalls in the World

It's now cherry blossom (sakura) season in Japan and is the national flower. Ever since Japan gave the US cherry trees back in it is celebrated every year at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.