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So beautifully said by Rebecca Campbell. If you're struggling to find your truth, purpose or what it is you truly desire...then schedule a Clarity call with me:) I have some 1-on-1 coaching spots opening up in September for my "90 days to Living your Truth" coaching program!!! I guide you to create the life you desire by using the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles! Request a call soon before they fill up! #apeacefulheartcoaching

Heading to meet my closest girlfriends at yoga tonight. I've been thinking so much lately about what's important to me and what's my "why" in my business and my life. Meet me on Periscope Monday night at 6:00 pm MST to talk about why the "why" is so important in manifesting the life you desire:) What's your why? #aphcoaching #manifestation #whatsyourwhy #friends #purpose

Yep I'm still talking about commitment- Step 2 in manifesting your desires. I can't stress enough the importance of this step. If you can't commit then the universe can't give you what you want. Decide what you want and then commit with a huge, "yes." Step into your magnificence and only accept success:) What action can you take today to make a decision and commit to your dreams?!?! #aphcoaching #loa #manifest #commitment #createyourownreality #success #showupforlife

I find inspiration in nature:) Thank you Mother Earth for reminding me of the Divine abundance that is always available. #apeacefulheartcoaching #thereisabetterway #mothergaia #divineabundancesurroundsme

You asked for help. The universe has heard your call! An angel has been sent to guide you:) things are about to change! #surrender #trusttheuniverse #angels #apeacefulheartcoaching

I love to doodle bc it helps me process my feelings and meditate on them. Today the words release and trust came up for me. What do you do to help process your feelings? #apeacefulheartcoaching #ilovetodoodle #thereisabetterway #divineabundancesurroundsme

Are you noticing the signs? If you ask for something, open your heart and mind to receive it. I asked for guidance and have been seeing feathers everywhere. The Angels are letting me know that the direction I am on is exactly where I need to be. I am being protected on this journey so I have nothing to fear! If your struggling for direction. Ask for guidance and be open to receiving the answer! This is an important skill to cultivate:)

My absolute favorite quote from Wayne Dyer. Changing the way I look at things has changed my life and it continues to change my life everyday. This quote reminds me of my Divine power and the importance of using my power everyday to change my life and the world. Use your power! Choose to see things differently! RIP Wayne Dyer. I know you will continue to shine down on the people of this world.

Goddess message: What you believe, you create. Focus on the love and light within to dissolve the fear-change your beliefs. #apeacefulheartcoaching

Be true to yourself. Grow and Flourish. Spread your limbs and Thrive. How can you thrive in your life today? I can you speak your truth? How can you let go of comparison and just be you? Shine your light:) #aphcoaching #loa #createyourownreality #growandflourish #thrive