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Look at that smile.

This sure is one happy Pitbull puppy! This photo is taken by the Smilin’ Pitbull Rescue, a wonderful Pitbull rescue in upstate New York. - my God I love pitbulls! They are the sweetest dogs EVER!

Too cute :)

Cute pits :) My pittie Kona is the same way when I take her to play with her friends!

Pit Bulls on Instagram

Pit bull and cat playing "It's behind me isn't it?" (truly funny because pit bulls are big babies)

Where's the ball?

There are some pit bulls that cant play together, check this xxl pit bulls playing together. if you want to have pit bulls that can play together train them and you will see the result.

I do not support it, I have dogs, a cat and other pets as well.  We are writing a petition to stop the “Dog Meat Festival” that is held on June 22nd in Yulin. We can make a difference with this. Please follow the link and sign the petition to stop Yulin! Change.org - https://www.change.org/p/mr-chen-wu-yulin-governor-please-shut-down-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival-in-guangxi-china

I would like to see the BSL lifted in Prince Georges County, Maryland.it is unfair for certain breeds to be singled out, it is not the breed, but negligent ow.


Zeus and Zena: Brother and Sister, Pit Bulls. Didn't know that pit bulls looked like this