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Carl Jung Always Learning - 1960

Carl Jung Always Learning - 1960

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” -Carl Jung

By and large the universities are against it and they don't encourage young people to acquire any psychological knowledge since the professors have none themselves. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol.

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A F J / cg34_jpg.jpg

Healthy and complete life is not to be attained by general principles and regulations, because it is always the individual who carries it. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 454-456

Carl Jung Standing in Garden Outside His Home Premium Photographic Print

Christiana Morgan-When Carl Jung met Christiana he considered her the manifestation of the perfect feminine, une femme inspiratrice whose role was to act as a muse to great men. Jung conducted a seminar, called the "Vision Seminars", analyzing Christiana's many drawings and dreams. She created mythic visions chronicling her struggle with the feminine and masculine forces in her world. #jung #dreams

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Carl Jung’s advice to Christiana Morgan on how to produce visions

Jung e a torre de Bollingen

[Carl Jung “The less we understand of what our fathers and forefathers sought, the less we understand ourselves…”]Our souls as well as our bodies are composed of individual elements which were all …

Carl Jung Life Magazine 7

Social network focused on spiritual enlightenment open to all paths & co-created by it's membership.

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Sheila Moon on Carl Jung

Jung I was aware of his sense of urgency about man’s religious task, of his intense concern that each of us must be related to ourselves and to God not only inwar…

Carl Jung: "I tendered my resignation at the meeting of delegates in Zurich." | Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Carl Jung: "I tendered my resignation at the meeting of delegates in Zurich." | Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Professor Carl Gustav Jung and John Freeman in Jung's home in Zurich in 1959

Jung interviewed by John Freeman. When asked if he believed in God, Jung replied, "I do not believe, I know." An example of the experiential nature of his psychology.