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#solitaryconfinement #thestruggleissooooooooooooreal #mylifeisprettymuchanaudiobook #50foodsin50days by cj_hendry

Starting to take shape 24 hours of madness before we are ready to present SNAPCHAT cj_hendry #50foodsin50days @thecoolhunter_ @just_add_cream @davidrichardson_ by cj_hendry

Many trips to the pen shop to fill up on ink #penonpaper #louboutinsneakers @louboutinworld by cj_hendry

Saturday arvo drawing looking out at the most stunning New York day by cj_hendry

Morning coffee! Now I know coffee is technically not food but mannnnyyyyyy people treat it as such so deal with it #50foodsin50days #day19 by cj_hendry

Lots and lots of ink been covering this background in black for the last 7 days...any guesses what it's gonna be? by cj_hendry

Good night sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite #justjksitsmorning #50foodsin50days #day47 by cj_hendry