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Soft wookie, wamr wookie, great big ball of fur.. Hairy wookie, angry wookie, grr grr grr...

Soft wookie, warm wookie, great big ball of fur, hairy wookie angry wookie, grr grr grr!

Wookie Cookies Star Wars Party

Wookie Cookies Star Wars Party I make gingerbread men every winter, maybe this year I will make gingerbread wookies.

I actually knew both of these facts already but I didn't really think about the same galaxy part.. Hmm..

Epic Lucas and Spielberg

I knew about Yoda in ET and that he gets SO EXCITED about going home when he sees Yoda on the street, but I never noticed ET in Star Wars. maybe it's time to watch again.

#starwars #chewie

Chewbacca sticks his head out the window of the Millennium Falcon on a Joy Ride!<<< he would literally kill Han and himself if he did this.

Omigosh.  I love Harrison ford.

Funny pictures about Chewbacca vs. Oh, and cool pics about Chewbacca vs. Also, Chewbacca vs.

48 Unique Clocks

48 Unique Clocks

Star Wars Merchandise - LED Alarm Clock (Size: x Awesome! I think I found the Christmas gift for my mom. :D

To take the place of the elf on a shelf creeper.

A day in the life of a Stormtrooper. We may need to use storm troopers for Elf On The Shelf. These are too funny!

i want to post these at every grocery store message board

It’s Dangerous To Go Solo! Take a Wookiee with. - It’s Dangerous To Go Solo! “ Take a Wookiee with you!