Image result for destiel cute wallpaper

Image result for destiel cute wallpaper

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Huh. Seems accurate.

All Things Geektacular — Funny Supernatural memes.

I cannot even handle how cute the idea of Cas and ice cream is

Sam's fucking face is the best part. Like 'dude stop it, we are in public, you two can fuck in the motel'

"Dean, you hurt his feelings." Someone should have smacked him for that comment, or we should've gotten a hug out of it or something

Scene from "mommy dearest" I know Cas is such an inexpresive dork, but I like to think that this is how he actually reacts on the inside "Dean, w. :SPN: Dean, his feelings

Créditos al autor. Supernatural - Destiel (School mini DJ) 05

Créditos al autor.

I'd wat to say. I'm speechless.......

I'm speechless.<<It's times like this when it hits me how much we're all going to hell

This is so cute!!! Look at baby Richard

This is so cute! Look at baby Richard << Jared does not look seventeen, he looks about fourteen

Encyclopedia of Weirdness #31 - Shop: (verb) "To visit shops and stores in order to purchase or examine weaponry." (Well, in California, Walmarts don't have a gun section anymore. I just love putting the Winchester boys in mundane places, doing their day-to-day things with totally normal voice tones talking about totally abnormal topics. Show needs more of this.) by Kentameadowwolf on deviantART

Encyclopedia of Weirdness: A Weekly Supernatural Fan Comic This Week: Shop: (verb) To visit shops and stores in order to purchase or examine weaponry. --- Well, in California, Walmarts don& h.

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lmao i just finished this season. i sobbed during the last episode.

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Photographer AU by Countess-Chocula on DeviantArt. I don't ship Dean and Cas, but this is hilarious.

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