I love the glass doors and balcony!

Hopefully someday I will have this beautiful apartment overlooking my favorite city

Wrap around open walkway. LOVE, especially the double height ceiling

Love the marble floor wrap around the carpet. Talk about an open living room! Plus a wrap around open walkway.

Middlefork Luxury Bedroom

Middlefork Luxury Bedroom

How cool if we could get a canopy and fix the deck up so we could do something like this! Have a dining area and lounge area !!

This outdoor bed/ cosy seating area is such an unusual idea for a small balcony. It looks like the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine!

Фальш камин своими руками

Do it yourself mini fire pits as centerpieces! robin_anderton Do it yourself mini fire pits as centerpieces! Do it yourself mini fire pits as centerpieces!

Patio and Outdoor Room Design Ideas and Photos

25+ Pretty Patio Room Design Ideas

Either way, hop in the shower for a nice tanning sesh that definitely won’t cause health and safety issues! | 21 Extra-As-Fuck Inventions For People Who Are Extra-As-Fuck

Either way, hop in the shower for a

Tan while you shower, shut up! Can this also have a magical thing that makes it safe to tan pastey people like me?

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a380421cd98b0035c42f72285d8f923c.jpg 595×1,024 pixels


beautiful - ceiling full of skylights + fireplace surrounded by window + lake view + chandelier

WOW!  This is SO over the top and feminine but I commend her on a beautiful design and committing fully to all her femine wiles!!!  I really kinda love this, in an entirely indulgent way!

Discover the huge collection of the most beautiful bedroom designs ideas for teenage girls with beautiful design and colourful. Here are 19 Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas and How To Make a Small Space Feel Big.


[Luxury House Plan has a back side made for entertaining.] I do love double level patio porch and balcony (which flows off the second story media and party room with a bar and huge game space)

Formal Reception, The Apartment, Singapore - Morpheus London

This lighting has me mezmorized: Morpheus studio,David collins design,Helen green design- Tuba TANIK