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Will Solace, Magnus Chase, Jason Grace, Luke Castellon

Pardon the language, but this is cute

Magnus Chase by

magnus chase | Tumblr

Magnus imagines Percy to be this handsome Greek god (which isn't far from the truth) while Percy imagines Magnus as a blond Hiccup>>

BECAUSE WE ALL NEED SOME SAM/AMIR LOVE!!!!!!!<<<Can we call them Aam?  Pronounced Am?

If Sam ends up with Magnus (like some people expect) I'm gonna be so mad. She belongs with Amir the Falafel Man!

Dionysus being proud of the fandom

Ok, it's 4 in the morning and I am silently hysterically giggling at "Mango Cheese" and I'm pretty sure I'm going insane. < I'm pretty sure most of the fandom, me included, already is insane.

19th Floor Squad (+ Hearthstone, Sam, and Blitzen)

So, Rick Riordan's new book came out a few days ago and I couldn't resist drawing some of my favourite characters! Needless to say if you haven't read. The Seven Heroes from The Sword of Summer

Whenever I see this I have to cry. ;_;

Lets be honest if Bianca lived Nico would be the little kid he was but it would hurt Bianca more in this way

I'm always happy when I find new Hearth fan art

lil cinnamon roll that can kick your butt

sword of the summer by on @DeviantArt

Good Magnus Chase art is showing up