Awww but you are the cutest puppy in the whole wide world

Raise your hand if you read "I am the cutest puppy in the whole wide world" in Cas' voice.

MUSHU COLLINS lol!!!!// I don't watch Supernatural, but this is waaay funny←I don't watch it either but I really like Misha!

// I don't watch Supernatural, but this is waaay funny←I don't watch it either but I really like Misha!<<< I watch the fuck outta some supernatural and can confirm that Mushu Collins is amazing in it!

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Ben Edlund is my hero! For this and of course for turning Angel into a wee little puppet man.


for completeness: Dean Winchester (brother, demon) Adam (Half-broth, in the pit)

He is adorable!

Misha Collins and David Tennant, I saw a picture of ten and I whispered, "you're old enough to be my dad David."<<<David would be an awesome dad and I call everyone adorable lol


And then the guy in the leather jacket will actually die and then it'll be stressful. Then a new guy will walk in with the guy with the leather jacket and things will become even more confusing

This is so awesome! Classic dean!

Dean right after he killed a hot fairy with nipples in a microwave. Yeah, you're watching Supernatural.

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Misha on his kids. (This isn't real Misha on his kids. This interviewer was being rude and sick cuz he kept bringing up misha's wife's book on threesomes and wanting to know about that. Misha got fed up and started to answer like this. Go Misha!

I want you all to know what the supernatural fandom is capable of

Pulling a Phil Coulson: bringing a character back from the dead through the sheer force of denial. YAY GABRIEL <<< I hope this is true! Please be true!


WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE DRAWINGS? supernatural <<< I see what you did there<<< I seriously thought these were all pictures instead of drawings.

Jensen & Jared impersonating Fangirls. So funny and cute. They love their fans.

Funny pictures about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Oh, and cool pics about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Also, Imitating Supernatural fangirls.

"He's not taking Kevin's death well." Not to mention he's in a cardboard box.