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From Jesse Wiseman Hull site, M&M Glaze match {Cantello} Custer spar..... 11 EPK.....19; Barium Carbonate.... 38; zinc oxide...... 18; silica......6; Talc.....8; _______ Rutile..... 7; Copper Carbonate... 1;

Quest For Contentment: Pottery: Contemporary, Japanese, Interesting Forms, and Other Vessels Of Inspiration

Porcelain with matte crystalline glaze by Ted Secombe

sabbia gallery represents australia and new zealand's finest artists working in contemporary studio glass and ceramics

Hideaki Miyamura

Welcome to Artrider - Lyndhurst Morristown Purchase Westport - This GLAZE. love the separation of the two, yet they still go well together

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Crystalline glazed bottle by Robert Hessler. Much smaller crystals than Peter Ilsley's crystalline pieces that are given a longer soak to grow the crystals.

Category: Glaze, Blue, Author: John Post, Notes: This glaze comes from John Post @ http://www.johnpost.us/ http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/utica/burr/art/JohnPost-2014/glaze-recipe-pdfs/Post's-Floating-Blue.pdf

A nice blue glaze John Post developed. It reminds me of a popular glaze called floating blue.

Stoneware wine jar, guan form with crazed turquoise glaze, gilded copper mouth, Ming or Qing dynasty (1600s)  Inscribed “内府供用”, “For use in the Palace”   Made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, China   Collection of the British Museum, London

Porcellaneous stoneware wine-jar of guan form, with ovoid body. The wine-jar has a gilt copper-bound mouthrim. The wine-jar has finely crazed turquoise glaze. There is an inscription on the shoulder.

Category: Glaze, Crystalline, Author: Daniel Spruyt, Notes: Molybdenum ‘Gordon’s base’ Source: Phil Hamling / “Gordon’s base” As I could not find any Powellite (Ca-Molybdate) I synthesized it by mixing finely ground Calcium Carbonate and Molybdenum trioxide in the right molar proportions. Then the mixture was calcined at 750 °C; it seemed to work. X-ray diffraction and Raman IR proved that Ca-Molybdate was obtained at 99+ % purity. Great! The firing showed typical crystals as well.

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