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These guys are killing me. I'm really happy that Suga is smiling more these days. Tae is killing people as usual with Kookie. RM being a cutie pie, Jin being attractive and sweet and J-Hope and jimin with their adorableness.


bts, bangtan boys and jungkook image on We Heart It

Welcome to FYJI Min! This fanbase is dedicated to Bangtan's lead vocalist and lead dancer Park.

Como no amarlos❤

Como no amarlos❤

[Info] BTS will be released a compilation album “BEST OF” in Japan on Jan

~♡great pic of 7 handsome  young men

BTS for the Japanese magazine Crea

CREA X BTS || 2017

Teamwork makes the dream work ~RM

So you have all these nice pictures of them where they’re smiling and posing nicely and then you have this walnut Jeongguk dabbing



p i n t e r e s t: /haneulchubs/

BTS Jin Seokjin Suga Yoongi Rapmonster Namjoon J-Hope Hoseok Jimin V Taehyung Jungkook 💕💕


In this picture----Namjin at the back-Maknae line in the middle-Yoonseok at the front-----Thank you BigHit for understanding how the ships sail!

YBN TOKYO Pinterest: @blindsundoll✨

YBN TOKYO Pinterest: @blindsundoll✨

They're gods, they're our literal gods and they deserve so much love and worship. These beautiful Bangtan Boy's are so genuine ABND I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH

These boys give me life

Eyyyyy theyre all good lookin guys. Their future spouses will be lucky people

Yoongi's like "I don't need nobody I'll make my own damn heart" Tae's like "kill me now wHY are you touching me peASANT">>>>> Yay! J-Hope & Jimin!