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Consequências da Meditação no Mundo Físico

Para alguns, o tempo é decorrente do entrelaçamento quântico

Your Heart Is Generator That Is Producing Electro-Magnetic Signals In Every Instant Moment. Your Brain Is Decoding Electro-Magnetic Signals That You Receive In Every Instant Moment. Your Reality Is Structured From Electro-Magnetic Relations So Use Your Generator To Create Signals That When Decoded Create Structures Which Bring You More Peace Love Health And Prosperity

consciousness & quantum physics ~ Reality is an illusion

Chose to meditate and you chose to strengthen the Spirit/mind connection and improve your expression of life. You begin to desire what is good for you on your personal path of evolution.

Quantum Physics

People who connect with the 12th chakra are here to teach and transform this world.They are here to live their lives for complete service to the planet and its inhabitants.These people will feel very different to others and will have a very different approach to the way in which the world and universe works.They will facilitate your progress to be the highest and most complete it can be.Take note of their advice and spiritual connection.

Quantum Physics And How We Affect Reality! (Powerful!) - YouTube

Expand your consciousness so that you exist simultaneously in all dimensions, space and time. As you travel through the portal of your high heart, you will start to fully embrace living a multidimensional frequency, This is the dawning of a new age. This is the energy of the Golden Ray. It is time to remember, expand, step into the divine energy of Love and Light. You are Love, Joy, Waves of Peace. You are ONE. Breathe. Surrender. Release. Expand. Open. BE ~ Marla

Fundamental to contemporary Quantum Theory is the notion that there is no phenomenon until it is observed. This effect is known as the 'Observer Effect'. ~ Alex Paterson