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Consequências da Meditação no Mundo Físico

How to See Energy in the Air - Learn a simple technique will have you actually seeing energy that makes up the world around you within minutes.

Para alguns, o tempo é decorrente do entrelaçamento quântico

You give meaning and form, light and life to creation. You are the being that is created from the merging of Consciousness and Physicality ~

Quantum Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death ~ RiseEarth

Quantum physics has scientifically proven what the yogis, Buddhas, and Mystics have always taught, namely that the reality we perceive as being ‘out there’ in a fixed state is in fact an illusion. Instead what we are actually dealing with is a field of infinite possibilities which is in a constant state of flux. The reality we perceive is what our brain has come to assume is there.

People who connect with the 12th chakra are here to teach and transform this world.They are here to live their lives for complete service to the planet and its inhabitants.These people will feel very different to others and will have a very different approach to the way in which the world and universe works.They will facilitate your progress to be the highest and most complete it can be.Take note of their advice and spiritual connection.

THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness - YouTube