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Fernanda Maciel - Ultra Runner
Fernanda Maciel
Fernanda Maciel
Fernanda maciel
Fernanda Maciel
Fernanda Maciel
Fernanda Maciel
The 6 Best Exercises for New Runners | Runner's World
10 Things Runners Should Stop Doing

10 Things Runners Need to Stop Doing

The Runner's Strength Training Workout is perfect for runners. Do this and notice a difference in your run/jog. #running #strengthtraining

Runner's Strength Training Workout

The only way to get better at running is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises, the more likely you are to encounter problems. What's a runner to do

The Best Cross-Training Options for Runners

Better Running Moves: These research-proven moves for runners will help every step feel stronger. #SelfMagazine

Improve Your Run With These 5 Fast Firmers

The Absolute *Best* Running Advice We've Ever Received

The Best Running Advice We’ve Ever Received

Evite dores nas canelas desenhando o alfabeto com os dedos dos pés. Fazendo isto, você fortalece a musculatura da panturrilha, o que pode prevenir lesões. Tente isto na próxima vez que se sentar à sua mesa.

19 dicas e truques insanamente inteligentes para melhorar sua corrida

O que acontece quando... você faz prancha isométrica todos os dias

O que acontece quando você faz prancha isométrica todos os dias

I love running! This article helped so much - I never realized the importance of breathing right!