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The Cheerios coach at McKinley High who takes delight in the misery of others.

Glee, Sue and Mercedes. Hands down my favorite show! ~ From '' Glee (is the strength of the whole world) '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

Glee. Is it safe to say I miss this show

Idk why but I found this kinda sweet. Sweet that he noticed this about her. 10 points to PuckleBerry.

blaine loves football and kurt loves scarves and I love klaine.

Here comes Snix

It's so hard to find a good glee pin that I have yet to pin

Glee, Joy, Choir

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Quinn Fabray is such a complex and deep character i love it

Quinn Fabray is such a complex and deep character, she is my favourite one in Glee.