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Shades of green relax and create a sense of harmony. Lavender and cornflower filled atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness.

color palette-2030. The combination of bright blue with blue and heavenly, lush greenery and diluted mitigate the dark turquoise. Such a composition may be an excellent solution for interior bathroom, selection of textiles in the living room or bedroom. Colors can be in business clothes for men and women.

Цветовая палитра №2030

The combination of bright dark blue with blue and sky blue is diluted with lush greenery and mitigated with dark turquoise. Such a composition may be an ex

Уроки стиля! Как научиться сочетать цвета и оттенки красиво?

Lavender is a grateful and responsive color. Depending on the tone with which it is combined, it acquires new dimensions: it becomes blue-violet against a light blue or deep purple next to a pale pink tone.


~ ♥The color palette Cold muted shades of pink and fuchsia smoky tones form a vibrant mix with creamy-white by In Color Balance

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Цветовая палитра №2921

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