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O que a gente precisa mesmo é reaprender a lidar com os nossos sentimentos, reconhecer quem somos.

Eu não consigo controlar a minha ansiedade, pode aceitar isso?

I get nervous everywhere. I get nervous thinking about things. I get nervous a lot.

I sometimes have a feeling I should do crystal meth but i think I should not. Fat amy ,Pitch perfect

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy and Brittany Snow as Chloe in Perfect Pitch film! Lol best movie ever!

That's Just Who I Am

I miss being that little girl who pretend to be whatever she wanted to be, who didn't get her heart broken. Who was so happy and enjoying being a kid. I wish time could go back.


Teenager Post Dear Math, I liked you a lot better before you and the alphabet started hooking up.

and that's who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring me, quotes, who i am, and that's who i am, pictures, text, phrase and saying

I love swimming. I love Summer. I love to tan. When I swim I jump in, flip in, and dive of the diving board into the water.


this is true. i think a man can make me fall in love, just by writing a well written letter to me.

if I could I'd have a pair in everyyyyy color <3

I LOVE converse. It's like the only shoe I wear. A few years ago I thought they were weird looking. Now I think they r the cutest and best shoe there is.

i adore my sister... and thats just who i am... {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half" <3}

i adore my sister. and thats just who i am. {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half"

planes themselves make me giddy with joy!

I love that feeling of looking out a plane window. One of the best feelings:)

Smell of rain

Funny pictures about I like the smell of rain. Oh, and cool pics about I like the smell of rain. Also, I like the smell of rain.

Seriously my eyes are almost the same color as my pupils

Lol, not even INTERESTING brown eyes like the one in this picture. They're literally just a super dark brown with nothing else. Just a really dark brown. In short, I hate my eyes XD

Andthatswhoiam | Del 1 HER // alt er hentet fra; andthatswhoiam.tumblr.com

You can trust me with anything. Because I know what it's like to want to express Your feelings or share a secret with someone, but not know if they're trustworthy.