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That would be me only a girl instead but this artwork is amazing💙

RANDOM PUNKლ(Wڡ눈ლ)  sorarts: My Miraculous OC! Her name is Alana and her kwami is Mazza the Dragonfly!  Alana is a very unmotivated and lazy girl with a policy of doing only the bare minimum, but at night she transforms into Demoiselle, the strong and reliable super heroine that takes her job very seriously!

Her name is Alana and her kwami is Mazza the Dragonfly. she transforms into Demoiselle

Esto es Snow Drift, un superhéroe canadiense. Cuando se transforma, aprovecha el poder del leopardo de las nieves, dándole una visión más nítida y unos pasos más ligeros que lo hacen más difícil de oír cuando se mueve. Su cola es en realidad su arma, un látigo, que se puede desprender de su cinturón. Su habilidad especial es Flash Freeze, que hace que su brillo de la mano e inmediatamente congelar la primera cosa que toca. Su kwami, Blizz, es tranquilo y de hecho. No da largas explicaciones.

Day 2 of Akuma/Miracusona Week 1 I missed the first day BUT I’M HERE FOR THE REST This is Snow Drift, a Canadian superhero. When transformed she harnesses the power of the snow leopard, giving her.


yaushie: “ Ahh, it’s time for my favorite pastime of combining AUs with other AUs. This time I played around with kwami power swap by combining it with my (slightly altered).

Ultimate power

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "Ladynoir" (by sil-gua) (Miraculous Ladybug, outfit combination)

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thebirdfromthemoon-art: “ So you guys seem to like this ML Oc, so here a little more about her! A change some detail of her design and also draw her in civilian form! You can check her previous design.

Bunny Girl Miraculous Oc by YK-DGB

Read BUNNY BLANC from the story El amor existe * Marichat* by VioletHistories (Violet Histories) with 272 reads. POV XIOMARA Cuando l.

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Jackal Rouge by Antibagel | Miraculous Ladybug | Know Your Meme

Jackal Rouge by Antibagel

This is my Miraculous Oc Jackal Rouge. Her miraculous stone is in her anklet. I haven't quite figured out her special power, but her weapon is a spear. She's a couple years older than Ladybug.etc -Sketchbagel on deviantart