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photography by luisa brimble. sibella court's the society inc shop. paddington, sydney, australia.

photography by luisa brimble.

*he started writing letters while he was at Basic Training with USAF~

In basic training, there is little connection to the outside world. A few phone calls here and there. I wrote letters constantly to my family and friends and it is a great source of communication.

Love Letter Clutch

Finding Shimmer

the art of letter writing

Idea for Mums Love letters to Dada and this site has so many beautiful pictures

A bundle of French letters.wonder what they say (from French Larkspur)

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5 Things To Try This Weekend

Love Letters from the Grandparents of Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior Home Tour on Glitter Guide / Photography Jessie Webster

Stock Photo - Stack of old letters, over white background. Air mail, postcards and typed letters

Stack of old letters, Air mail, postcards and typed letters

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Cherishing the moments of whimsy and delight to full fascination.

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Letters, opened and saved.

handwritten letters.

Sometimes our family and friends may not understand what deployment is like. Here is a letter from a BSM with some things she wished she had shared with deployment.


books and old letters-beautiful

vive le vent

please stay for awhile : Photo

A bundle of letters // I wish that I had a bundle of letters like this from a friend. It would be so sweet.

:) (I wish I had some of my parents letters from 1945 . but after a tornado went though our area .

Чердачные Сказки

old letters & photos

box of letters and cards <<<< one day!

I wish we could go back to letter writing.

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Old letters tied in ribbon