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Does this angle make my bum look big? Lord Fergus of Owlish Fortress Terror’s Creek Stud


Draft horse with Fantastic roaning and crisp bald face. Excessive yet beautiful feathers around those hooves of his. Long, flowing mane and balanced stride.

scarlettjane22: Helen Peppe Photography

In celebration of Kentucky Derby Day, Grabberwocky presents: The Most Gorgeous Horses of Different Colors You've Ever Seen. Enjoy the beauty of these.

Such beauty! <3

A Shire horse. God I would love to have a beautiful shire horse, or even a beautiful horse. I LOVE LOVE horses!


: The Ardennes horse falls under the category of draft horses. This is a truly cold-blooded breed that is the also one of the primary draft horse.

Merlin Nero XV, blue roan Noriker stallion. Pferdezucht-Austria.

The name comes from the ancient Roman province of Noricum (Austria today) where it was originally bred. They are a medium-heavy draft breed. This beautiful blue roan variant with the always dark/black head is called 'Mohrenkopf'.

Clydesdale horse with pretty braids.

Beautiful draft horse with braided mane and tail. I really love me some big horse breeds!



Arabian mare, Malawi PG (Botswana x Kuy Maya) and foal

Arabian mare, Malawi PG (Botswana x Kuy Maya) and foal