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So if you make other people feel like crap, maybe you should evaluate yourself a little bit.

how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you - I want to remember this as I go through my everyday, and make people feel happy and loved. That is what I want people to remember.

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I need to remember this daily!Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

Indeed I did. You buried yourself in lies, deception and backstabbing every day for half a year and expected me to stay. Delusional.

I think losing respect for someone is a much stronger emotion than hate. With hate, you can always overcome, but losing respect for someone, it's always in the back of your mind.

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It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find its way. - You can’t fight karma!

Who we surround ourselves with can often determine our future. This may seem like an obvious point to consider and yet many still allow negative people in their inner circle because they are family or have been friends forever and don't want to hurt their feelings. Sometimes we have to create some distance from such people, even those we love, so we can hear our own inner voice, live in peace and fulfill our highest life calling free from the drama + distraction that negativity brings! :)

You Cannot Hang Out With Negative People And Expect To Live a Positive Life?ref=pinp nn You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.

Amen to that! The WORST always bring out the worst in you too!!! learned from experience... true story..

More accurately -- Good people bring out the best in others. Bad people bring out the worst in others.

Very true:)

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Inspirational Quotes: Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason. :) Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description Don’t worry about those who talk behind your.