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Aeromodelo A-10 Warthog Twin Ducted Fan Jet

jet engine

Martin P6M SeaMaster - these giant seaplanes were developed to be able to take off with a load of nuclear weapons from any body of water - (sea water and engines don't mix)

F-102A Delta Dagger - part of the Century Series (F-101 F-4) and the 1st operational supersonic US jet fighter. It also had an internal weapons bay. When retired it was fitted out QF-102 Full Scale Aerial Target (FSAT) drone.

Northrop A-9A under evaluation by the Air Force to be its new tank-buster. It lost out to Fairchild Republic's A-10 Thunderbolt. (It's interesting how similar the Soviet's Su-25 Frogfoot design is to the A-9.)

NASA Super Guppy

Twin Beech 18 crazy twist Built in 1943 by the Beechcraft Corporation in Wichita, Kansas. Bought new by the United States Army Air Corps and severed as a navigation trainer and then served in the Civil Aeronautics Administration as VIP transport until 1949. Now it's the flagship of the Younkin Airshow. (pyratwesly@yahoo.com)

Sopwith F.1 Camel ... prop ...

XB-35 "Flying Wing"

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