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Caledonia Braes with Linen Wrap by Oscha Slings -- size 4 wrap -- I want, I want, I want!

Dryad Hazel Baby Wrap thumbnail image

This leafy, ancient tree pattern is showcased perfectly in two gorgeous greens on this stunning wrap. Organic combed cotton provides a little cush while li

Girasol Glace Woven Wrap at Sweet Baby Wraps

Girasol Glace Woven Wrap

Rei Romeo Baby Wrap by Oscha Slings

Rei Romeo Wrap Deep grey/blue warp with a bamboo weft. The bamboo is a lovely quality and makes for a soft, yet nicely supportive wrap.

Sundara Pearl Baby Wrap- part of the Oscha Boutique

tussah silk, Egyptian combed cotton, approx This is a Boutique item - only 5 wraps and 4 ring slings are available.

Alto Eventide Baby Wrap thumbnail image

Blueprint blue cotton and silvery ecru linen make a delightful combination in this medium weight wrap.

C. 1972 - my Dad is rocking the hair and the baby backpack!

1972 - my Dad is rocking the hair and the baby backpack!

oscha surya benvolio

Surya Benvolio Wrap Lovely soft mood indigo cotton warp with vista blue cotton weft.love at first sight!

Kasumi Zen Baby Wrap image

Serene waves in ecru and black woven with finest American combed cotton and organic combed cotton, approx suitable for all.

Erika Hoffmann, founder of Didymos (Germany, http://www.didymos.de/en/), with twin daughter Lisa, in 1972

The first woven wrap - Erika Hoffmann at the beginning of the popularization of baby wrapping in the West, and the beginnings of the Didymos wrap company.

Baba Baby Sling

I love the thought of baby wearing! TheBabaSling Baby Carrier by Joovy. This is neat. Although Sidney was against one of these. She hated it.