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On March at the Tokyo Globe Space in Shinjuku, various artists will perform a hide musical called, "Pink Spider".All the songs performed will also be available on a CD, cal


Hideto Matsumoto - his life is gone.but his soul is still here.

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Personal Life hide had a younger brother named Hiroshi, who can be seen in the DVD His Invincible Deluge EvidenceHiroshi was his chauffeur and manager until his last days. He took hide's ashes with him to throw them in the Santa Monica Bay, along with a bottle of wine. Hiroshi had a son whom, during the "Hide Our Psychommunity Tour", hide would bring on stage and sing to.

HIDE Hideto Matsumoto (hide X Japan) =Life Of A Shooting Star =: Hideto Matsumoto, Life of a shooting star.

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