Versteckte Schönheit ist die schönste Schönheit

Lady of the Black Cat animal skull watercolor Art print Carla Wyzgala carlations by carlationsart

An+Inktober+witch+painting+printed+on+high+quality++8.5x11"matte+stock . The+original+piece+was+painted+on+thick+hot+press+watercolor+paper,+using+inks+and+various+other+mediums. . Color+and+value+may+vary+slightly+from+the+image+on+the+computer+screen.

An Inktober witch painting printed on high quality stock . The original piece was painted on thick hot press watercolor paper, using inks and various other mediums. Color and value may vary slightly from the image on the computer screen.

no by on @deviantART

Dead Pincesses - Dead Princes and Dead Depression Princes (Doube D Princess XD but for me she'll be always Diva Princess) Double D Princess (c)

peony by Fukari on DeviantArt

last time I draw more and more with traditional media. I'm in a mood for drawing pretty girls with flowers. maybe I'll do one more similiar to this gal.

Another boy. He’s named Ashley, because his mom was a big Gone With The Wind fan. Oh, plus some random eyes and some practice hands from reference. art & character © julie curtis (=firstfruits)...

A tiny moment after a rough fight. art & characters © crystal curtis (=firstfruits) please do not use without permission, thanks!