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I like this except for Kai's pointers.  I think he would want to go in there being a typical over protective dad, but Cinder stops him and the watch from around the corner, embracing and grinning shyly at each other as they remember how they met. *sigh*

This is such an awesome Kai and Cinder headcanon!

Pinning again because the KAIDER is strong in this one

the Lunar Chonicles

I'm rereading the book and I'm actually paying attention to Jacin and I like him a lot better

Jacin is a wonderful character. He might be strict at times, but he loves Winter and he only wants to protect her

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"Stop controlling my boyfriend"says cinder. "He's my husband"Said Levana. The best part of this is that levana is cinders aunt and they are in love with the same guy.<-Technically Levana isn't in love with Kai, she just wanted his power.

I always had a headconnon that Kider had a girl named Peony and Cresswell had a son, but I always though his name would be Dimitri and I like the twin idea. (Side note: Wolflet always had a bunch of kids in my head.

This is basically Levana the entire series

This is basically Levana the entire series<<<<<<< pretty much

Source: scarlet-Benoit-is-my-rolemodel (tumblr) more to the knitting hc

This hc is literally my favorite except the last person kinda ruined it.

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I love Emperor Kaito

"The hand is not on the wrong side!"  I feel like Cinder and Zuko would get along pretty well.

In this play they make cinder and Thorne a couple. Oh and scarlet and kai whilst cress is reduced to a nerdy looking guy and wolf is made to look like a really bad wolf cosplay with fake ears that keep falling lfd

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IT GIVES HIM AN EXCUSE TO PARADE AROUND WITHOUT A SHIRT!!!!!! To be honest though that's pretty accurate!

TLC summer head canon part 3

"No wonder she shot your fingers off" Yes but he's Cress's idiot and that's all that matters

"Hey, isn't not to uncomon in this family to get shot by your girlfriend, now wife I might add! Scarlet shot Wolf, you know that scar on his arm he always pokes. Cinder shot Kia with darts!

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Lunar Chronicles and AtLA crossover

Stars Above (Something Old, Something New)

Stars Above (Something Old, Something New) The Lunar Chronicles

*shoves books in persons face* READ THEM AND CRY WITH ME

*shoves books in persons face* READ THEM AND CRY WITH ME>>> *stares at the person's face* *sees no tears* Have you no human emotion?