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THE BEST HORSE CARE/GROOMING/BRAIDING TIPS EVER! By the lady who owns "Lucky Braids" and runs Shiny Happy Horses on Facebook. Seriously, these are all game changers for you and your horse.

Top turnout is rooted in sound horsemanship. Horse grooming and handling should promote confidence and healthy horse care.

How to groom the dust out of a pasture kept horse!  http://www.proequinegrooms.com/index.php/tips/grooming/how-to-groom-the-dust-and-dirt-from-a-pasture-kept-horse/

Grooming tips for the pasture kept horse - how to make grooming easy and thorough!

Infographic: Vaccinating Your Horse | TheHorse.com

Infographic: Vaccinating Your Horse

Vaccinating Your Horse - Vaccines can protect your horse from a wide range of threats, including snakebites, botulism, influenza, and much more.

Great Basic Information ...  [INFOGRAPHIC] Feeding Your Horse - Learn how to feed your horse with this #infographic from TheHorse.com and @Susan Brown Performance! #horses #feedinghorses

♥ Horse Stuff ♥ Considerations on feeding. I believe we used the book "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" in college, which provides charts breaking down intake amount compared to age, work, and reproductive state.

Horse Training from Birth to Track Infographic

By the time a foal is two months old, he should start to eat solid food. During this time, however, a foal needs to be constantly near his mother. Learn about horse training in this infographic from a horse breeder.

Desensitizing horses: I am helping Sparkles get over her fear of water so I made a big "puddle" for her to walk through! I walked her over the polls after each step so she would be more comfortable when I filled it up with water!

Challenge your horse with a water obstacle. Some horses will cross a stream, but have difficulty with this obstacle.

Exactly what I always tell my husband about my horse habit "Atleast I don't have…

Exactly what I always tell my husband about my horse habit "Atleast I don't have a crack or cocaine addiction" hahaha so true!

Liv Gude

Horse Grooming tips from a Pro. This is seriously the best grooming site i've ever seen these will come in handy for Honey and Reba this year. look at at this Pfeffer!

Ideas from horse owners for cleaning halters and lead ropes f

HGS Horse Forum - post w/ tons of Cushings info and website links.

Grooming Tips for Horses

Grooming Tips for Horses Proper grooming is a crucial part to the overall horse show ready appearance.