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Wasp Knife: El cuchillo cuenta con un pequeño tanque que "inyecta una bola congelada de gas comprimido a 850 psi casi al instante."

120 espectaculares cuchillos y dagas

would this be protection against an attacking shark, bear or crocodile? wasp_knife: The knife features a small tank that “injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at nearly instantly.

NEED!!  Silver steel flexible double bladed snake  rapier made c 1846 in Toledo Spain  by sugarviolette

A rapier, manufactured in the century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled.

Jurgen Steinau

120 espectaculares cuchillos y dagas

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Simply put, Area 51 Digilegs allow the wearer to achieve the successful transformation of their human legs into the hind quarters of a digitigrade animal. This opens up endless possibilities in regards to new character.....  http://www.digilegs.com/

They are made of steel and add 14 inches of height to the wearer. But these are not ordinary stilts; they give a person the uncanny and graceful appearance of an animal. The movement of the legs is genuinely

espada agil

y la mejor arma mata zombies es...

30 Effective Zombie Apocalypse Weapons for Killing Zombies. I know these aren't Korean, but these tonfas are awesome

Cartas de metal afiladas para lanzar | La Guarida Geek

Sharpened Steel Throwing Cards For the kind of dangerous guy who always has an ace up his sleeve. These sharpened steel throwing cards are made specially for throwing, so you never have to worry about your thin paper cards not getting the job done.

Cuchillos hechos de herramientas y demás. - Taringa!

Cuchillos hechos de herramientas y demás.

BIENVENIDOS A MI POST. En mi post anterior les mostré 99 armas de fuego del siglo 19. En este post les voy a mostrar 120 cuchillos y dagas increibles y espectaculares de distintas épocas. Espero que les gusten y las disfruten, ya que me costó...

120 espectaculares cuchillos y dagas

She shifted her fingers and a blade popped from her ring. She then swung her arm in a clean arc, the blade sliced exact, and the man dropped like a fly. "What the hell?" Asked a terrified, and panting Nick. "A girls gotta stay safe.

The above dagger is called the Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife. Its salient feature is that its impressive looking try-edged blade twists, so that you dont have to. See, its one thing to stab something, but if you really want to go for the kill, you twist that blade around when its in there. This dagger saves you a step. It also doubles as a glass breaker, with the sheath becoming the breakers handle. Its an impressive looking piece of kit.

Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife. the tri-edged blade twists, so that you don’t have to, and doubles as a glass breaker, with the sheath becoming the breaker’s handle


So many factors about this design that i like. Mostly though, im liking this grip/hilt shape for the blinding knife concept I'm working on. André Andersson Custom Damascus Knives - Knives, Daggers, Swords and Artknives from Sweden