Autorin und Illustratorin Ingrid Sundberg hat einen Thesaurus der Farbnamen erstellt, um den Schriftstellern dieser Welt eine kreative Stütze an die Hand zu geben.

Dieses Lexikon gibt jeder nur erdenklichen Farbe einen Namen

Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and children's book illustrator, created a very useful infographic chart for anyone struggling with color names. The writer says that she loves to collect words that can help give her stories variety and depth.

When it comes to colour, most of us are on safe ground with the primaries – but when asked to differentiate between the different shades of blue, for example, we might start to struggle. Article about color hues.

ZUR FARBPALETTE DES FRÜHLINGS….                                                   gehören ausschließlich warme Farben, die einen hohen Gelbanteil von mindestens 50 % haben. Seine Farben sind frisch, hell, leuchtend und jugendlich, immer klar! Daher vermittelt seine Farbpalette auch immer gute Laune und macht Lust auf das Leben! Nutzen Sie diese psychologische Farbwirkung um sich zu stimulieren!  Kerstin Tomancok Farb-, Typ-, Stil & Imageberatung

Light Spring Color Palette SCAS Light Spring has more softened colours by white, light tints, warm to neutral pastels.

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The Color Thesaurus : Blue by writer Ingrid Sundberg Both color palettes and the corresponding color names.

ORANGES - bridesmaid dresses can be any of these, except starfish and soap orange - alright maybe starfish...

ORANGES - bridesmaid dresses can be any of these, except starfish and soap orange - alright maybe starfish.

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Here we are with a new part of our Color Vocabulary, focused on the different shades of brown. Do you want to suggest a topic for our next vocabularies?

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2 Color Palette The most romantic combination of translucent turquoise, sparkling aquamarine and creamy pink hue, which accompanies the birth of a new day. This palette is.

¡Conviértete en una experta en colores!

Writer Creates "Colour Thesaurus" to help you name Every colour imaginable!

Which color are you immediately attracted to? (Pool, blossom and cement for me.) From Paper Source.

Blossom - look at the colors before reading the description, pick the one you like the best, then see if that description matches you.