I have licked the fire and danced in the ashes of every bridge I ever burned. I fear no hell from you.   - Nicole Lyons

Craft of the Witch: Divine Feminine, Fire Dancing. Witchcraft, in its purest form, is an art only understood by the Old Souls.

Motherland Chronicles #41 - From the Ashes , 2013   Available for Purchase

New York-based photographer Zhang Jingna (aka zemotion) has embarked on a year-long project known as Motherland Chronicles, in collaboration with California-based illustrator Tobias Kwan (tobiee), that features a number of stunning portraits of women

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♔ Enchanted Fairytale Dreams ♔/ I live to have long hair!

Fire Night. An ancient tradition among Magic Wielders, that takes place near the sea, usually on a beach. They cherish the magic that flows through the veins, and it is said that at this night, the magic is particularly strong and wild.

Round and round the fire I dance this Beltane eve, this Beltane night. To bring love, blessings and rainbow light.

waiting for a prince...

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