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Style inspiration for Gala Nocturna 2016 - "The Age of REDEMPTION" info & tickets: www.


Castle Vampyr - Earth Monster World

more of Ria Dunn's menswear

Lost & Found, by Ria Dunn


Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.

Black I White

Black and white B&W photography // karen cox. my baby bird

the scrapbook of levi cross novelist of queer fantasy. home ask projects the thirteen kingdoms dustwatcher pyrefall the tainted and pristine blood runs gold carmine sands

#FLEXFORM #tbt 2011 SOFT DREAM advertising campaign | Photo by Gianni Berengo Gardin

#FLEXFORM #tbt 2011 SOFT DREAM advertising campaign | Photo by Gianni Berengo Gardin

47 Warrior Fashion Finds - From Gawky Warrior Editorials to Studded Warrior Dresses (CLUSTER) / dystopian fashion

Thanatos - Thanatos (Ancient Greek: Θανατος) was the Greek personification of death. Unlike the Erinyes, he was the god of peaceful death, just touching a person and then they die.

the-life–after: “alex buts ”


* enjoy the dark side

Hahaha. Funny shots using your favorite celebrity or singer's album or pictures?

Sleeveface has some really great album cover trick photography.re impressed with these for being so exact!

"I am alone: there is no God where I am." #robe

the silent brothers

And for a moment, everything went still.

Can't pull myself away from this one - the lighting, the blurry/motion-filled bottom half of the image with the top half in crystal clear focus.

Sam Weston, the Magician [Jeremy Dufour]... Models should be smart enough not to smoke.. It wrinkles the skin and turns it to leather!!

Male Models: Top and Hottest Guy In The World / List of / With Tattoos / Best Poses

Sam Weston, the Magician [Jeremy Dufour]. Models should be smart enough not to smoke. It wrinkles the skin and turns it to leather!

Jennifer kept an emotionless face as the last patch of dirt covered their friend's grave. Blake stood next her watching and hoping she would show some kind of emotion, even if it was sadness. Finally after a few minutes of no reaction, Blake turned away to leave. But then a small cold hand touched his, stopping him in his tracks. "Please don't leave me." Jennifer faced him with glossy eyes.

Best Hairstyle Pictures

i didnt get a chance to even hold your hand properly :(

love gif hands holding

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