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Mrs. Addington's Class: This Week's Anchor Charts

This chart shows site words that have the ir,er, and the ur vowels. the words contain the r-controlled vowels.

I must say I was shocked when I realized this idea wasn't already on Pinterest. I loved creating this cute compound word anchor chart! My firsties got to come up with their own compound words and put them on a bubble to go into our bathtub! (butter + fly = butterfly)

just like the cupcake + sprinkles idea, this is the bathtub + bubbles idea Going on this train of thought, maybe students could each make their own compound words project like one of these?

The Cole Train: Anchor's Away!

Change to add example of each - Letter Combinations. You can have a picture next to each of the sentences and students can connect the word to the picture and also they can understand the letter combination.

I use the letter combination chart in my classroom. It's a great resource for students to use while they are writing.

Anchor Chart: Letter Combinations and Blends Chart. This chart is a helpful tool for students to learn letter combinations as well as a visual and an example for them to see it.

verbs BINGO song

First Grade Fever! Verbs Anchor Chart/Song Instead of post-its hang word cards off bottom.

Question words anchor chart

This should be great for journal writing. It could get the students to start thinking and forming a story.