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Chinese Dark Side drone: supposedly powered by a ramjet engine, but still in a test phase

FA-37 Talon - 3

// // This beautiful piece is one of the most beautiful fighter plane designs I have ever appreciated! From the movie STEALTH, kit maker Fantastic Plastic now brings this kit to YOU!


Black Phoenix Project: Ambulance Mech by Bulgarov - Vitaly Bulgarov - CGHUB

F/A-37  Talons  Black Project

From the movie stealth. Rumors have been floating around ever since the movie came out about it being an actual plane.

Focke Wulf Fw 250 -  The fuselage was wide, to accommodate the nose air intake for the twin Heinkel Hirth He S 011 jet engines that were buried in the rear fuselage. The wings were swept back at 40 degrees, with the main landing gear retracting inboard into the wing. Mounted on a "boom", the tail unit was set high in order for the jet exhaust. A single pilot sat in a pressurized cockpit located near the nose. Armament consisted of four MK 30mm ,Speed: 669mph Range: 1516mi Altitude :49500ft

Focke Wulf Fw 250 - The fuselage was wide, to accommodate the nose air intake…

XF-190 firebird by =bagera3005 on deviantART  "Progress Eagle" Quantum Airplane: http://youtu.be/_pTxV-2rqEM  "Sky Whale" concept plane: http://youtu.be/oDTO6Pibmfw  Concept For Future Aircraft Part 6 / Jet Fighter,…: http://youtu.be/KJqGECi412Q   Spaceship design and animation by AND Inc.: http://youtu.be/HIdZqPKh0W4

firebird "Progress Eagle" Quantum Airplane: concept plane:For Future Aircraft Part 6 / Jet Fighter,…: