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Kind of seems like it is so beautiful it has to be a picture in a make-believe story book!

Snow on pink flowers? It must be a late snow storm!

this vibe reminds me of the cherry blossoms in japan!

Early Snow, Blend of red color of leaves and white color of snow creating an epic picture. Doesn't this look like a red velvet road?

Frozen sunset / Jérémy Lombaert

56 Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets Photography.Take a look and let the photographs inspire you to start your own collection of morning and evening sky photos.

Red berried on branches! Simplypix

mountain ash tree ~ snow against bright red berries

Les Merveilles D'hiver ❤

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. Aristotle And deer in the snow spell magic.

La tempesta di ghiaccio dai colori bellissimi

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Winter Wonderland, Reykjavík, Iceland

Winter Wonderland, Reykjavík, Iceland


Winter Smiley Face by Roy Green "I couldn't believe the smiley face on this old truck wheel. It formed naturally on it's own after a morning snow. The next day the ice storm of the century hit. I actually took 3 views.

Winter on The Lake - Stunning !

Snow on Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States. By Robin Wilson. So lucky to live near here.

Winter can be so beautiful!

Ornamental grasses and berries make a lovely frame.


OP: "Moose in winter." The moose is thinking: "Could be worse. Could be Norway." (Accounting grumbles: "Hej, we resemble that remark. BTW Should we tell the moose that he's actually a reindeer?

The beauty of #Christmas for the people living in the cold side of the world! .❤️ Simply Aline :))

Tree in snow. This is a holly bush that has grown as big as a tree. In order for them to bear berries, there must be a male and female next to each other.

Planting Combinations

Planting Combinations

trees heavy with snow --I want to drive or walk through a winter forest, could we have fairy lights too? =)

trees heavy with snow --I will be here for eternity; I will walk through a winter forest, I will be the fairy lights - summer and winter, all seasons.