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Conheça Smoothie, A Gata Mais Fotogênica do Mundo

‘Smoothie’ é o nome dela, que já tem mais de 100 mil seguidores no Instagram e definitivamente sabe como posar para uma foto. “Todo ângulo é o melhor ângulo para Smoothie”, conclui o Bored Panda. ;-)

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maine coon | large-maine-coon-cat-1s

Of the rarest cat breeds, the Ashera , is the most expensive ($20K+), the Sokoke the most exotic (from the wilds of Africa), and the Egyptian Mau has the coolest history (lived with the Egyptians).

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As 10 raças de gatos mais incomuns do mundo

gato savannah-The Savannah cats are very interesting, and were created from the mixture of domestic cats with the serval, an African wild cat. The first race had a cat breed Siamese mother, but they only need a serval ancestor to be considered for this race. They have a wild appearance, with spots and stripes, but their appearance varies with the breed of domestic cat used in crosses.


The Big Picture photography competition: best of 2010


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Este Gato Tem Os Olhos Mais Bonitos Do Mundo

O filme Zoolander 2 saiu em 10 de fevereiro, mas parece que o ator  Ben Stiller não pega nem beira com o gato Coby da raça British Shorthair, que por conta sua aparência belíssima já possui mai

Egyptian Mau - With characteristics of a wild cat, the Egyptian Mau embodies a spirit reflecting the deity it once was in ancient Egypt. The breed boasts exotic coats of bronze and silver spots and is known as the only naturally spotted domestic cat.