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Who cares about the names look how cute he is. 16 Swedish Baby Names That Are the Absolute Cutest. They’re also a little bit badass.

kidstylefinder: Button Down Vest

the CoOl Kids - Vests feel like warm hugs on a cold day. And who wouldnt want to hug this little guy? Great outfit at a great price from

My future children. I'll have a son first and a daughter second so the son can protect his little sister from the bad things in the world.

Adorable children in lilly pulitzer and a sport jacket and bow tie.aka my future legacy children

I want him!!!  http://rollinstyle.blogspot.com/

Toddler aviators and preppy sweater (even though the sunglasses would be broken by noon). Little boy fashion. I hope my little boy looks like that.

{ c l a s s i c } Jeans och stickat är en klassiker för mig på hösten och kombinationen vit/beige och blått kommer jag alltid tillbaka till Tack för att jag fick dela din bild @pettersso

Babies drool and that's only natural, particularly during teething. After the baby comes home there will likely be lots of individuals visiting and he'll have to be on his very best behavior.

Cute kid outfit and hair.:

Grace// I stand in the porch to my cabin, watching Lily pick wild flowers when she sees you.