Skate Vintage Helmet,pads, no shoes

Natas Kaupas / Skateboarding Black and White Photography, Skater

Natas Kaupus, a skateboarder famous for pushing the street skate scene in the

Old school skating

Old school skating

#LL @LUFELIVE #Skateboarding #Uptop

Trocadero Days by Pontus Alv - Converse Skateboarding

Skateboarding senior picture ideas for girls and guys. Skater pictures. #seniorpictureideas  #skateboardingseniorpictures #boardingseniorpictureideas

Skateboarding senior picture ideas for girls and guys.

Christian Hosoi -Brazil - 1988

Christian Hosoi -Brazil - 1988

element skateboarding

element skateboarding

the original lords of dogtown

doing my "cultural trend" causal analysis paper on the impact skateboarding had on society from the late until now. but instead of writing i'm pintresting about it.

Skate Vintage SK8

Top 10 Spring Events in Barcelona 2014

Shogo Kubo, Krypto Bowl, 1977 #Skateboarding - R.I.P.

Shogo Kubo f/s jam at the Krypto Bowl in Glen E.

The Acid Sweat Lodge

things that make me smile picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you.

Air time with Christian Hosoi

Christian Hosoi, Black and White, Ramp, Rad

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Timeless Skating, California Claus Grabke by Ulrich Kattenstroth

jay adams skate - Google Search

Jay Adams So much style. WARNING : attempting a carve of this magnitude WILL tear ur jeans chapless and leave u with roasties on ur ass.

old school skate

old school skate

T.A.! - Hawaii's Wallos, 1976 #skateboarding

Tony Alva styling down 'Wallos' in Hawaii. this mega spot was made famous for most By Powell Peralta and their 1987 cult film 'the Search for Animal Chin'. However it was already famous to core skaters like Tony