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Dali the cheeky monkey.

Salvador Dali in France, 1967 by Robert Whitaker.Best sense of humor ever.

Patrice Habans, Salvador Dalí sortant du sous-sol du subconscient tenant en laisse un tamanoir romantique, l’animal qu’André Breton avait choisi comme ex-libris

Salvador Dali Taking His Anteater for a Walk. This is amazing. He even lived his life in a surreal manner. Who owns an anteater as a pet? Apparently Savaldor Dali, that's who.

"Mientras estamos dormidos en este mundo, estamos despiertos en el otro."

His moustache was as popular, if not more, than his art! Surrealist painter Salvador Dali topped a new poll of the best-known moustaches of all time. Here's a look at some moustaches that made the cut.

Paul Gauguin in Alphonse Mucha’s studio, c.1894. © Mucha Trust colorized by painters-in-color

The artist painter Paul Gauguin playing the harmonium in Alfons Mucha’s studio at rue de la Grande-Chaumière, Paris , 1895 by Alfons Mucha gauguin mucha mucha instrument piano

Salvador Dali taking his anteaters for a walk in Paris, 1969. <<<<<me

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Интересные фото знаменитых людей

Интересные фото знаменитых людей

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Salvador Dali reading his biography, 6 May, (Photo by Terry Fincher for the Daily Herald)


Always have a naked model in your studio for inspiration. even if you are painting a horse. Salvador Dali painting ‘The Temptation of Saint Anthony’.

Dalì e Gala

wornjournal: “ Salvador Dali and soon-to-be wife Gala Devulina in Port Lligat, How many couples do you know with matching palazzo pants?

A girl in traditional dress perform and impressive display at the World Nomad…

Incredible pictures from the World Nomad Games 2016 in Kyrgyzstan

Love this incredible picture of archer Chynara Madinkulova competing at last month's World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan!

Credit: Mark Seliger/ Beetles + Huxley  Keith Richards, New York City, 2011Shot for GQ UK magazine

Mark Seliger's greatest portraits - in pictures