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Parecem balas açucaradas! Mas é uma planta excêntrica e linda

Surpreenda-se com a Surreal Beleza Destas Plantas Exóticas

resim gösterilmiyor

Red-Hot-Lips: Psychotria flowers (Rubiaceae) in the forest at Alberto Manuel Brenes Biological Reserve, Costa Rica

As mais belas flores

Confira as 12 flores mais exuberantes do planeta!

orchidées improbables; les merveilles de la nature

L'orchidée rare la plus bizarre ou quand les orchidées imitent la vie - Archzine.fr

Senecio haworthii....seriously, a white succulent? must get

Senecio haworthii also known as Woolly senecio is a perennial dwarf shrub of the Senecio genus that grows in South Africa usually between the altitudes of 900 and 1200 meters.

Descubra por que suas plantas estão infelizes                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Descubra por que suas plantas estão infelizes

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Plants Ideal for cottage garden: Foxglove (Sun/Part Shade, Soil: Moist, Height: 150 cm) ** Deadly poisonous if eaten**


Flower tower! Aquilegia’s stunning clusters of colour atop elegant 3ft stems will give any border a lift...

✯ White Bat Flower (Tacca Integrifolia)

White Bat Flower (Tacca Integrifolia), Cat’s Whiskers or Devil’s Tongue and as for me, I will call it "Cat's Whiskers".

Gloriosa - Nature imitating nature - Flower imitates fire... beautiful!

And this is Gloriosa Superba. Brilliant color in creeper. As if a burning flame. flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, glory gloriosa lily, tiger and fire Names in other languages include kalihari "kannurihoo" (Kannada)

Stapelianthus madagascariensis

Stapelianthus madagascariensis from Madagascar. Grow in greenhouse where not hardy. Rarely affected by pests & diseases. Plant Category: cacti & other succulents by isrc

sparrow  flower

sparrow flower