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OTP TEST<<<<<SOLANGELO<<<Malec<<<<< Percabeth<<<<<Sizzy<<I am conflicted between Janto and NineRose.<<<<Ten&Rose (surprisingly)<<<but you see i was looking at fanart for over is my favorite ships. (dirkjake) but it isn't my OTP

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Cheshire Cat

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Drawing Inspiration

More Drawing Inspiration kinda somewhat what I already posted but moreee yayyyy:

How Myra sees people

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Homestuck Dirk/Jake comic by ikimaru >> Jake you can’t just exploit your bf’s weaknesses, that’s cheating<<< GT: No its called winning!

Mariannes Blogje - drawing of hands

- drawing of hands

originally from http://i.imgur.com/0E3wsGS.png

Ship name Yahoogle? Man I ship some weird stuff search engines, pen and book of color, countries.

Sherlock On Tumblr #27

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I love this show don't care how childish it is

Did you see this?

Yup i shipped this before i knew what shipping was Fairly Odd Parents^^^This is one of the few canon shippings that I will go down with if they just so happen to sink but you know they never will