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more bloom tones color scheme for master? bedding in taupe with the dusty-rose accent pillows. paint the walls a blue color?

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a cat-inspired color palette                                                                                                                                                     More

a cat-inspired color palette

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Monochrome dark blue color palette reminds of mystery of the sky before a thunderstorm. Transition from deep dark blue color to pure white is contrast and

indian color palette - less blue than the warm colors

This palette is called Orange Crush. Front cover colour inspiration - finally a palette that reflects my first floor!

голубой, насыщенные тона, насыщенный голубой, насыщенный синий, полуночно-синий, серо-голубой, серый, синий, синий цвет электрик, холодные тона, цвет электра, цветовое решение для дома, яркие цвета, яркий синий.

Bright, eye-catching color gamma in cold shades. Refreshing and invigorating as cold shower. Combinations of light and dark color look harmonious.

The middle blue as a primary color?

celadon, color of blue sea, color of ocean water, color of sea, color of sea…

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Summer colors -- Crashing Blues: blue in every shade - turquoise-y, navy, Wedgewood/smoke, and the one in the middle is deep ocean blue.

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